Looking for a good skin detox?  Beautista columnist and Healthista collective expert Annabel Meggeson has rounded up the five best facials for when your skin needs a boost

While they may be expensive the benefits of a good facial can be instant, leaving you with a radiant glow that lasts longer than you may think.

To make sure these facials are worth your buck, Healthista enlisted Beautista columnist Annabel Meggeson to round up the five best facials in London, that will rejuvenate and nourish your skin, that are actually worth their price.

Annabel recommends to have one facial, say, three times a year (or more if you can). This will help keep your skin on the straight and narrow without breaking the bank.

#1 The Hydralyte Facial at Medicetics

What happens: Part one is a treatment resembling microdermabrasion, delivered using a Hydrafacial machine.

A gently abrasive nozzle exfoliates and stimulates your skin via a lightly sucking motion, while simultaneously feeding both glycolic and hydrating serums into the dermis (the therapist stops every so often to rub the excess serum into the skin).

A state-of-the-art laser machine (think more power, less pain), is then used to deliver a thorough dose of IPL to the whole face.

Ten minutes or so under a combination LED lamp (to kill bacteria and encourage collagen production), finishes things off.

Does it work: Yes, you skin will feel tighter and brighter for several days afterwards, and smoother for longer than that.

The IPL gives especially satisfying results – expect pesky pigmentation patches to rise to the surface in the few days after treatment, then flake off to reveal skin’s that noticeably clearer and more youthful looking than before.

In a nutshell: A results-oriented facial that kicks dullness firmly into touch.

Cost and booking: It’s £360 for one hour 15 minutes. A session of high-quality IPL can cost £200, so this is good value. Call 020 7402 2033 to book or visit medicetics.com

#2 The Faciology Facial at The Vaishaly Clinic

What happens: The treatment starts by thoroughly cleaning the skin. Depending on your skin’s individual needs, this normally involves a relaxing cleanse, followed by microdermabrasion (to exfoliate) and a gentle extraction.

Expect plenty of massage, too. Vaishaly’s holistic approach means that releasing tension from the face to promote healing and relaxation are an important part of her facials.

You’ll also be treated to a dose of high frequency (another word for the LED lamps, emitting a mixture of infrared and blue light, that are increasingly encountered during facials these days).

A face mask is applied and while that gets to work nourishing the skin, a therapist will spend 15 minutes executing a series of rubs, rolls and rotation on the feet.

Does it work: It’s notoriously difficult to quantify the effect of a holistic facial, as the results are entirely subjective.

That said, Vaishaly has spent more than 15 years developing holistic practices (craniosacral, essential oils and now reflexology) to bring to the treatments in her clinic, and if the loyal clientele is anything to go by, I’d say she has mastered this approach.

As after any facial, skin looks plumper and brighter; our tester felt more relaxed and her wellbeing improved.

In a nutshell: A relaxing, skin-rejuvenating facial that may have deeper healing benefits.

Cost and booking: from £120. Call 020 7224 6088 to book or visit Vaishaly.com

#3 The Dermaplaning Facial with Tine Hagelquist

What happens: Needles, lasers and blades are de rigeur in the beauty world these days, so it probably doesn’t sound too scary to learn that this particular facial involves taking a scalpel to your skin.

The aim? To whisk all the fuzz from your face. The treatment starts with a quick cleanse and some massage, before Hagelquist gets to work with her blade. The process of removing facial fuzz isn’t as indulgent as a massage, but it does feel very relaxing.

I would thoroughly recommend adding a Signature Facial to the basic dermaplaning – you’ll get a generous hour of Hagelquist’s amazing lymphatic drainage and massage, a mask, lots of quenching with serums and oils and altogether a facial experience of the highest order.

Does it work: The theory behind dermaplaning is that by removing all the fuzz and little hairs from your face, you allow the light to bounce off it in a more unfettered way.

The result? More luminous, plumper-looking skin. The effect is subtle, but it does work. You’ll also love the fact skin feels super-smooth and make-up glides on beautifully.

In a nutshell: A specialist facial that lets more light reflect off the skin for youthifying results.

Costs and booking: £85 for dermaplaning (more if you add the Signature Facial), book via email tine@hagelquist.co.uk

#4 Teresa Tarmey’s bespoke facial

What happens: Something a bit different every time, as Tarmey’s expert approach sees her play what’s in front of her and cater to the needs of your skin on the day.

Her signature effect is glowing radiance and a complexion that’s been improved in some quantifiable way, whether that’s the removal of a milia or the zapping of a pigmentation patch or fewer blackheads. Expect machines as well as massage, then, as well as the skilful deployment of peels and high-quality products.

Does it work: The holistic pampering of the massage and other skincare work, balanced with the bespoke, machine/tool-driven aspect gives glowing results in the short term and keeps skin elegantly maintained if you make this a diary regular.

In a nutshell: A bespoke approach that keeps skin beautifully maintained.

Costs and booking: £280 for one hour. To book call 020 3561 3479 or visit teresatarmey.com

#5 The Sisley Paris Sisleya Facial at Harvey Nichol’s

What happens: Don’t overlook department store facials – they can be very good value, especially at the hands of such a prestigious brand as Sisley.

Expect an OG style facial with cleansing, toning, applications of various unguents and massage. You’ll also get some relaxing breathing rituals using essential oils.

Does it work: The Sisleya products involved in this facial are wonderfully luxurious and will leave your skin hydrated and restored.

In a nutshell: A skin-restoring treat that won’t break the bank.

Cost and booking: £75 (redeemable against purchase, so if you buy something it’ll essentially be free); tel 020 7235 0000 to book.

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5 best facials in London for glowing skin – an insider’s guide

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